Information Technology Consulting

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  • Enhance the company’s productivity by reviewing all business processes and removing unnecessary ones.

  • Optimize IT infrastructure to generate higher revenue.

  • Assist in performing software integration in the existing business model.

  • Customize the existing software and add new features to it.

Softgreat is always ready to implement and manage the project of any size and complexity. All You need is to express Your business needs. Softgreat will take care of the rest.

Information Technology for Enterprise

For more than 10 years we help customers across various industries, including Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, Automobile, Sports and Entertainment to embody their business bright ideas into full-fledged and reliable software products.

The process

  • Flexibility in project management: we adapt our methodologies to the project scope, no matter whether it is well-defined or vague.
  • Adherence to the Customer’s budget limits and defined development time frames.
  • Maintaining regular communication with the Customer and valuing the importance of the feedback.
  • Full SDLC with security checkups integrated into each stage.
  • Professional-looking UI: your software product will look equally modern and slick across all browsers and screens.
  • High quality of the final product with updates support. Our software products can be easily updated to satisfy your growing business needs.

The Right Consulting Team.

Each business has its specific features depending on the industry, the number of employees and geographical location. Our consulting team consists of the IT specialists with an extensive experience of communication with company owners form different business domains and countries. Armed with IT consulting best practices, the right team will help Your business to be always growing and efficient.

The Right Consulting.

What do You expect from the right IT consulting service? Probably, the right advice, how to integrate state-of-the-art technologies into everyday business processes. The right consulting is more than that. The right team must provide Customers with the relevant information on business automation, and also look deep into the Customer’s problem, assist with implementation of recommended solutions.

The Right Decision.

A combination of the right consulting team with the right services inevitably results in the right business decision made by the Customer. Software integration or work process optimization, the right initial choice of IT consulting vendor will pay off in spades and educate how to develop and integrate similar solutions in the future. We are here to help you make a right decision for integration and development.

A Build Automation System for a Web Application. Delivered.

The Customer relied on Softgreat’s expertise in automation to develop a build automation system for a web application. The application contained documentation on markdown files in git-repository.

Softgreat’s engineers performed the following procedures:

  • Cloning a repository
  • Content scanning
  • Building a web interface
  • Full-text search implementation
  • Representation of the documentation in OpenAPI format

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