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Software Development Teams

Softgreat quickly assembles a professional software development team tailored to the Customer’s requirements. Easily scalable with the change of project scope. Dedicated team of developers will carry out a full SDLC to satisfy the Customer with a comprehensive solution.

IT Consulting Services

Softgreat assists Customers in transforming business requirements into comprehensive IT solutions which help to drive business to the top. Softgreat explores business and use our insights to consult  Customers on how to apply business automation to boost its effectiveness.

Custom Software Development

Your business is unique and needs an individual approach. Softgreat accepts your enterprise challenges related to process automation, integration, optimization, development start-ups, R&D and adds an individual touch. The secret of the company’s success is agile software development supported by innovation.



Softgreat is using technology, agile collaboration and flexibility to accept any challenges and provide the Customers with solutions engineering, delivery teams and software products.

Armed with top-notch technology, agile delivery teams and flexible pricing policies, Softgreat accepts any business challenge to satisfy the Customer with professional IT consultations and high-quality software products.

Innovation in action. Everyday mission: Achieve business goals applying innovative technologies.

Artificial Intelligence.

Applying deep machine learning to real-world problems. AI help to predict issues in financial applications.

  • Software for forward-thinkers

Softgreat understands that flourishing business is always future-oriented. The only way to be several steps ahead of time is to employ Artificial Intelligence. AI — the technology of the future. AI predicts what Your business will need tomorrow and Softgreat converts Your future business needs in today’s software solutions.

  • Ensuring 360° security

Softgreat promotes a complex understanding of security. Backed by extensive experience in security-related projects, our specialist smoothly integrate technical security aspect into each project. Besides, the company provides 100% security for Customer’s business information, which is the reason for them to entrust their sensitive information to Softgreat.

Software development processes

  • Get the service or product delivered

    Full software development lifecycle:

    Requirements analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance.

    You get the software tailored to solve your technical problems and challenges, a customized service, continually improved with new tools and techniques.

  • Team work

    Look inside Softgreat’s development team:

    Developers + Architect + QA engineers + Designers + Scrum master.

    Dedicated software professionals together contribute their skills to develop a unit of work.

  • Software team request

    Are You in search of the software development team? We are ready to address this challenge.

Get the service or product delivered

We provide: a full software development lifecycle:

- requirements analysis ( in collaboration with the Customer we define business needs and requirements)

- design (we elaborate on the Customer’s requirements to functionality to provide an efficient architectural concept)

- development( our dedicated software engineers do the magic of coding to build a unique solution for the Customer)

- testing ( concerned about the quality of our the software, we run thorough test cases before validating the module)

- deployment (satisfied with the final result, we deploy the software to production)

- maintenance ( Softgreat’s professionals monitor the solution’s performance and are ready to make any changes upon the Customer’s request)

You ge the software tailored to solve your technical problems and challenges a customized service, continually improved with new tools and techniques.

Team work

Look inside Softgreat’s delivery team: Developers + Architect + QA engineers + Designers + Scrum master.

Dedicated software professionals together contribute their skills to develop a unit of work in a short time.

Delivery team request

You have the idea - we help with the resources.

An Innovative digital platform built by Softgreat and Partners in Germany.

The largest online German bank with 300,000+ community members and 120,000 account holders challenges to develop online banking user experience and innovative digital platform for banking services.

Based on public API interfaces, Softgreat participates in a development of a product that enables the Customer to actively manage the financial decision-making processes and allows using social media to attract clients.

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Assistance in support of new Startups related to fintech. Apply now for SPN Startup.
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The Right Teams For The Right Solution. Every Time.


The 21st century is the age of business processes automation.
What benefits can it bring to the company?

  • Increase in product and service quality
    Identical operations result in high quality of each final product and the same top-level service.

  • Time saving
    Manual tasks are time-consuming. Automate Your workflow to get more operations done in the same period of time.

  • Reduced costs
    Automation allows to do a greater number of tasks in a shorter timespan, which considerably reduces the cost of production.

A web application for online products trade. Delivered.

A US-based technology solutions provider, specializing in cloud domain, artificial intelligence, big data and IoT take to develop a system for on-line trade.

On the basis of the Customer’s input Softgreat’s developers performed the following operations:
· Analyzed the Customer’s data;
· Participated in the backend implementation (uploaded data functionality and user communication logic);
· Implemented the frontend part in compliance with the framework provided by the Customer.

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    The Right Team.

    True professionals understand that very often Customers don’t have a clear vision of the process and the final solution. In close cooperation with the Customer Softgreat’s experts define what the result should function and look like.

    The Right Process.

    A fully-fledged solution is only possible with an effective software development processes. Each stage of the project (Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Integration) should comply with full development and security standards.

    The Right Solution.

    Softgreat’s team believe, that successful software solution is based on expertise. When The Right Team and The Right Process meet together, Customers get effective complete solutions that meet or, even, surpass their expectations.