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Softgreat doesn’t aim at staying in-step with technological development.
The company is constantly striving to be several steps ahead.

Softgreat understands that this is possible only by creating innovative products based on the state-of-the-art technologies, primarily Artificial Intelligence (AI). Meticulously designed and developed by the company’s IT professionals, Softgreat’s proprietary products will satisfy the most sophisticated requirements of Customers from different business domains.

Neural network applications

Softgreat develops its own products based on the technology of the future — Artificial Intelligence (AI). Softgreat’s IT professionals develop proprietary solutions delving into multiple areas of AI domain:

— Machine learning
— Image recognition
— Object detection
— Internet & computer vision
— Signal processing
— Robot control
— Autopilot.

Artificial Intelligence in financial services

Over the past months, the company has been applying the knowledge and experience to solve industry-specific problems. Banking & Finance has become the first sector to take advantage of Softgreat’s product line.

AI is a major driving force to restructure banks’ core functions:
a. Intercompany reconciliations
b. Financial analysis
c. Asset allocation
d. Forecasting
e. Customers’ data collection

A growing number of financial institutions have already experienced AI benefits: enhanced revenue, decreased costs, reduced security threats and improved customers’ experience.

OSMOONE: Under Identification

FIELD OF APPLICATION: Security & Identity Access Management

— By breaking down an image to mark pixels belonging to different objects, OSMOONE recognizes facial features of a person.
— Finds known objects in an image and figure out their properties.
— Measures other objects in the picture based on known data of the original object.
— Breaks down incoming image data into categories or learn specific features of an object.
— Analyzes resources available on the internet to infer stunning and unexpected features of an object.
— Quickly detects objects in an image for further analysis

The Right Experts.

High-quality products are the result of a meticulous expert’s work. Softgreat guarantees its experts’ qualification to exceed Customers’ expectations.

The Right Technology.

Every technology has its strengths and weaknesses. The right choice of technologies will promote faster development and prevent budget overrun.

The High Demand Product.

The software product developed by professionals who employ the right technologies is sure to be in high demand. Softgreat has learned it first-hand.

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