‘They gave good technical input as they created a functional solution.

Their technical expertise and thorough project discussions helped them envision a successful solution. Customers should expect a partner who understands new technology but should be careful to ensure specifications are met.’

Andreas Koefler (CEO, Sermocore)

‘It’s a people business, and our contact with the developer made a difference.

The team’s delivery of a functional microservice drove the overall solution forward. Softgreat offers effective communication through a single point of contact, and they track their work transparently.’

Matthias Reining (Founder and Managing Partner, tech11 GmbH)

‘We now have a high-quality, maintainable UI that we can grow and scale.

Softgreat delivered a variety of quality components that have improved the overall performance of the system. Intelligent and hardworking, the team required little support and oversight. Customers can expect a collaborative and dedicated partner.’

Gunnar Zarncke (CTO, troy gmbh)